Diversified Sales

Solutions, Inc.

“The One Minute Sales Person” Spencer Johnson 
“Success is a Choice” Rick Patino 

"Eat that Frog” Brian Tracy

“Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill 
“Mentored by a Millionaire” Stephen K. Scott 
7 Habits of highly Effective People” Steven Covey 

You can always be better: Sales is an art, not a science. Which means it’s never perfect and can always improve.

“If you read ten pages of a good book today and everyday over the course of a year you would have read 3650 pages-the equivalent of one or two dozen books of life-transforming material. Easy to do and easy not to do. Tapping into the slight edge means doing things that are easy” -      

               Jeff Olsen

                      The Slight Edge Secret to a Successful Life