R.E.A.L Results -
Revenue goals achieved, business and marketing plans successful, dedicated and effective sales team. 

ustomer Acquisitions Made Easy!!
Lead – 
Leadership and managing of the sales force is measured on an individual client basis and closely monitored for performance based predetermined objectives. All sales activity will be overseen by the Sales Manager assigned to the client.  The Sales Managers responsibility is to strictly enforce the client’s expectations and report all activities and sales reports to the client.                 Together DSSI and the client will work tirelessly to instill an optimistic team atmosphere and a positive team culture to achieve the partnered goals. 
Assemble the Team – 
Recruit, hire and train the sales team that will implement the established plan. This team will be uniquely selected, focused, and dedicated to one client ONLY. 
                  Recruiting through our current database of sales professionals will expedite the speed in which we hit the street with the team. This database is extensive and varies in expertise and experience. After our internal search DSSI will manage all aspects of the recruiting process including: resume review, interviewing, and client specific training.
                  Training will be all encompassing. Any sales professional hired by DSSI will go through client specified training, report training, if needed a review of dealing with objections, negotiating, and closing skills. Always available will be a back to basics review of all sales skills, prospecting techniques, and reporting.
Establish the Plan – 
Planning for target markets, training sessions, customer support, and an organized staff plan will be formulated and presented to the client. The client’s measure of success will include all performance metrics.   
These metrics will be monitored by DSSI and communicated to the client daily. This rapid communication allows the client the ability to measure success and make changes proactively versus reactively. Considering most complications happen quickly and unexpectedly, the course in which to take to rectify the action needs to be as swift, measured, and not reactionary.
                The clients “Sales Organization” will be developed. The “chain of command” so to speak, as well as the clients point of contact with the team. Development of the organization model will be based on client corporate goals. All will be considered and presented to the client, any cost for administration, lead generation, and management will be included in the plan.
                Compensation and commission plans will be formulated with a detailed focus on gaining customer market share and revenue goals. Sales quotas will be established at this time.
                Understanding the cost per customer acquisition is a vital role in the sales process as well as profiling the ideal customer. This function allows the client to target the correct customer pool.  In identifying the ideal customer we can create a profile to prepare for objections and buying signs, as well as clearly define the decision maker.


Research – 
Step one to any endeavor is research. Knowing what you want to do and knowing how to accomplish this goal is not usually the same. Our first step will educate not only ourselves but our client as to what EXACTLY the clients business plan wishes to gain for short and long term goals.                 This research will also consist of market analysis (the clients market), competitive information, and business strategies for varying segments in the market. Why are you different? What makes you better? What is your value proposition to your customer base? What does your competition say about you?
                We will determine together when to begin step 2 of our process. Work diligently to determine if the marketing plan coincides with the sales goals. Make sure that we are consistent with the positioning of the clients value to the market. If all questions were asked and answered, and to the satisfaction of both parties step 2 follows.


E.stablish the Plan

A.ssemble the Team

L.ead TM

R.E.A.L. Results for Real Businesses! 


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