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7.   What is the process to get started and how is the ongoing payment received? 

To get started we need an executed contract and a deposit. The deposit is typically equal to the first month’s fee. Going forward the payment is due prior to the start of the next month and can be in the form of a company check, money order, or bank check. (Credit card payments will be coming soon)
6.   How is reporting to the client handled?

Reporting will be driven by the client and can be one or all of the methods listed here:

Conference calls, emails, or in person meetings.
5.   How long is the timeline for feet to the street? (Sales team selling the product or service) 

A typical expectation is 30 – 60 days for the official sales team to hit the ground running.  As the team is off to the races of hitting the metrics agreed upon in the contract, immediate reporting is communicated to the client on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis dependent on the contracted agreement.
4.   How do you gauge the success of the relationship? 

Each client’s expectation is different and the success of any contract will be judged based on the agreed upon metrics in accordance to the terms written into the agreement. These metrics and the reporting of such are also spelled out in each individual contract. Therefore, gaging the relationship is known prior to the enactment of the contract.
3.   How long is a typical contract term? 

The contract terms will vary based on client specific needs, however a client can expect a contract term of a minimum of 6 months in order to truly evaluate the content of the relationship. There is no maximum term, the relationship will exist as long as it remains mutually beneficial.
2.   We are thinking of a commission only plan, would you consider this option? 

We at DSSI pride ourselves on attracting the best talent in any given industry. This being said this type of high quality asset finds their self-worth to be in an environment to have a base salary with a commission structure. For that reason we will not look to be commission only and our monthly fee will include the salary requirements and be agreed upon prior to the beginning of the contract.
1.   What is Sales Outsourcing? 

According to Wikipedia; “Sales outsourcing” allows companies to attract and maintain a sales force without having to make them full or part-time employees.” Sales outsourcing is hiring a company to perform all the necessary functions of a sales department, consisting of recruiting, hiring, training and managing the team while in place. All of which is reported to and monitored by the client.
Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Outsourcing