Diversified Sales

Solutions, Inc.

The Market:

Our service has many applications, some of the more popular are outlined below:

Small startups that lack the expertise to manage a sales team and wish to focus on their product or service to perfect their own company. This potentially ideal client could be in Software, IT Services, or POS Services.

Established small to medium size companies that are looking to reduce the cost of acquisition of new customers in Massachusetts. The cost of hiring, training and managing a sales team can be eliminated from the clients total cost of customer acquisition. In its place a budget worthy fee that is clear, manageable, and predictable. This potentially ideal client could be in Office Supplies, Medical Sales, or other related health care markets.
The Company: 

Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc. in Woburn, MA provides all facets of a sales department for companies small and large.  The attraction is for companies that are not able to maintain a sales staff or are looking to outsource an existing sales force to reduce overhead. Our services encompass hiring, training and maintaining a sales process driven performance based sales force. Based out of offices north and south of Boston, we have a unique opportunity to service both areas around Boston, MA. and Southern New Hampshire with the flexibility and experience to maneuver throughout New England.

All performance metrics are agreed upon with the client prior to the team being in place. This process will be developed with each individual clients goals as the baseline targets. Together the client and DSSI will ensure the success of the program once in place. Constant communication and reporting to the client will protect the integrity of the sales plan as well as the transparency of the process.

  Our ideal situation affords for growth within a single market as well as expansion to regional markets. Keeping a database of qualified sales professionals will keep our growth constant and consistent with an emphasis on quality and an unwavering expectation of professionalism.

     Our Mission is to provide and maintain a high quality, uniquely specialized sales force with a goal of taking away the day to day management responsibilities, while consistently improving our clients ROI. Target clients are companies that have a great quality product or service whose leadership lack time or experience in sales.

     Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc. executive team Thomas Libby CEO and Susan McKenney President have a combined 30 years of experience in management and sales.  Our strength lies in our diverse experience. The industries we have been successful in have been broad and varied, they include but are not limited too: telecommunications, energy, office products, commercial and promotional printing, software, healthcare, as well as wholesale and retail products.

     Our proven ability to continuously improve our sales skills to match the challenge at hand also puts us above our potential competition.

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