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The DSSI group has been actively giving back personally and professionally for many years.  Our commitment and strategy is rooted in the Group’s core value "CARE“. While "Care“ describes how we help our clients increase profits, it also represents our commitment to caring about people and organization that are near and dear to us. 

All our programs are built on  community involvement, employee involvement and corporate giving – determined by local cultural, economic and social factors.

1.   What is Sales Outsourcing?
According to Wikipedia; “Sales outsourcing” allows companies to attract and maintain a sales force without having to make them full or part-time employees.” Sales outsourcing is hiring a company to perform all the necessary functions of a sales department, consisting of recruiting, hiring, training and managing the team while in place. All of which is reported to and monitored by the client.



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 You can always be better: Sales is an art, not a science. Which means it’s never perfect and can always improve. 
“If you read ten pages of a good book today and everyday over the course of a year you would have read 3650 pages-the equivalent of one or two dozen books of life-transforming material. Easy to do and easy not to do. Tapping into the slight edge means doing things that are easy” -  Jeff Olsen
The Slight Edge Secret to a Successful Life